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DDR3 has been on the market since May of 2007 but the transition over to DDR3 is very slow. Why? Because of the price of DDR3 memory versus DDR2. It's easy to get a 2GB kit of DDR2 800MHz with CL4 timings for under $50, but that's after a rebate.

DDR3 a 2GB kit sells from $199 for a 1333MHz kit to over $500 for an 1800MHz kit. DDR3 memory is still for enthusiasts, but prices are expected to drop as time goes on. Intel is getting ready to release more chip sets that support DDR3 memory with the Intel X48 Express chip set and NVIDIA is rumored to support DDR3 for the first time with their nForce 790i SLI chip sets. Both chip sets are coming soon and becoming the main component of their flagship performance platforms, it will lead to improved DDR3 memory sales.

So, let us know what you think about the 1800MHz DDR3 memory kits from the leading memory companies.

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